5 Styles Of Kitchen Cabinets You’ll Love

June 24, 2020

At least a quarter of your kitchen comprises a wall of cabinets, new cabinets hold the power to create an entirely new look and feel. Here’s 5 styles of kitchen cabinets you’ll love:

1. Shaker

Shaker kitchen cabinets are popular in current kitchen renovations because they are classic and simple choice. Whether you seek a modern contemporary look or a more traditional kitchen in your home, using Shaker cabinets can give you a high style look while being durable and long-lasting.

2. Flat-Panel or Slab

Also known as “slab” cabinet doors, flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors are simple but stylish. The style offers hard lines and minimalist form, making it a great fit for both contemporary and modern kitchens.

3. Beadboard

Made of rows of vertical planks with indentation or ridges, known as “beads,” between each plank. The style offers a more dynamic look and makes for a perfect country farmhouse or cottage style kitchen.

4. Distressed

Looking for an antique-style kitchen? Distressed style cabinets bring traditional old world style to your kitchen.  Available from most manufacturers, distressed-looking cabinets can come in any door style.

5. Exotic Wood

While many think of exotic woods for the flooring, others have taken that look and texture to their kitchen cabinets. Woods like Bamboo, Zebrawood, Wenge, American Red Gum and more are becoming popular for cabinetry.

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