Splash of Color Minimalists Will Love!

June 30, 2020

For many homeowners interior design can be intimidating, and often times customers feel as though they need to buy expensive furniture or light fixtures to enhance their room. Although new light fixtures are wonderful, we know that any room can be transformed using a minimalist approach. Minimalism is popular because of its simplicity and prioritizes quality over quantity. You can create a dramatic effect and draw an emotional reaction to uncluttered rooms using just color. Here’s are a few examples with a splash of color minimalists mill love:

Warm Medium Grays

Warm medium grey contrasts white and wood so well and complements of metal tones can also contribute to the warm feeling you get when you walk into a room.

Neutral Brights

These gray-under-toned colors can make your space more bright and cheery, and is easy to pair with other neutrals. Like warm gray example, these color tones can be complimented with wood or metal.

Classic Blues

A splash of classic blue can bring any room to life. This Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, is a timeless hue that can evolve with your style over the years.

Charcoals & Soft Blacks

Charcoals and soft black tones are surprisingly intimate and warm. Steer away from a depressing look and balance with white, wood, and glam metals.

Bold Greens

Green is one of our favorites for interior, as it is both a relaxing and fresh color. This color can transform any room into a vibrant and sophisticated space.

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