Tile Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

July 14, 2020

Whether you want tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, tiles can make your home life easier and bolder. No matter the color or style you choose, they serve as beautiful accents in every the room. Tiles can also simplify your cleaning routine! Here’s are a few tile ideas you’ll absolutely love:

1. Graphic Tile Patterns

The beautiful thing about graphic tiles is that they are everlasting in their authentic appeal. They give your room a punch of personality and stimulate our visual senses to enjoy the rooms we spend our time in.

2. Matte & Glossy Mix

The RedBear teams loves mixing tiles. We suggest floor and backsplash concepts; a mix of matte and glossy and a mix of solid and patterns.

3. Dramatic Colors

Be bold and fill your entire walls with beautiful quality tile that you love! Splurging for that specific tile you love is worth having everyday in your home. Don’t let dark or bold tiles intimidate you they add the very warmth and at-home feel you’ve been looking for.

4. Glossy Backsplash

Attractive and easy clean-up, enough said.

5. Mosaic Accent Upgrades

Looking to refurbish some of your bathroom’s current features? Refurbishing will tile accents can be budget friendly, especially when you want to spend most of your budget on your new shower/tub and vanity.

Avoid DIY tiling blogs online. The last thing you want is to look upon crooked tiles everyday, kicking yourself for not asking a professional to do the job right the first time.

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