Why it’s Important to Hire a Bonded Contractor

July 09, 2020

What is a Contractor’s Bond? According to Angie’s List: “Bonding protects the consumer if the contractor fails to complete a job, doesn’t pay for permits, or fails to meet other financial obligations, such as paying for supplies or subcontractors or covering damage that workers cause to your property.”

RedBear is Bonded with Surety Bonds

Compliments of Surety Bonds, RedBear was highlighted in their Small Business Spotlight Blog, titled, “Construction Pro Shares How Building Customer Relationships Equates to Small Business Success.”

“As a homeowner, hiring a contractor for remodeling or other services can be a difficult process. There is no “try before you buy” option for contractors, which makes hiring that much harder. This leads many customers to rely on the recommendations of friends, family members and online research when they’re deciding who to trust to work on their home.

McNulty has found that forming relationships with the homeowners his company works with is a crucial part of effectively running his business. Showing up to meetings in a professional manner and finding common ground with customers helps McNulty form connections that continually propel RedBear Remodeling forward. McNulty also ensures that those he hires to work alongside him have the skills to foster customer relationships. This practice sets the company up for positive reviews and referrals from former clients.”

Contact RedBear’s Home advisors and interior design specialists to help bring your ideas together for the home you’ve always envisioned!

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